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A/N: Hi, guys! I’m glad that most people like MKOP so far. :D I know I said that I would update yesterday after my mani-pedi session, but my nails were still wet and took almost an hour to get completely dry… and by the time that it was dry, I was playing this really scary game on Xbox Kinect (It’s called Rise of Nightmares and I couldn’t even move from my bed that night.). It had me cursing, and yelling, and crying… mostly crying as I played it. :))

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Rose’s flat

"Well, finally!" I sighed exasperatedly as Louie pulled up in front of my flat building. It was a refurbished warehouse and my brothers didn’t want me living somewhere that didn’t have a front office that they could call to check up onme at regular intervals. That’s why I avoided somewhere with a front office in the first place— I needed some privacy. "I thought that we were going to be hopelessly lost in a dark abyss for as long as our mortal lives lasted."

Louie shook his head as he pursed his lips in contempt. “No more morbid books for you.”

"What do you want me to read, then? Erotica?" I wiggled my eyebrows and got out of the car, laughing all the while, as Louie choked on his saliva.

”You’re alive!” Hughie’s familiar voice rang out as he exited the building behind me and tugged me in a bear hug. I hugged him back and swatted him away when the lack of oxygen made me feel tipsy.

"If only Louie had asked sooner, or maybe even programmed his GPS to lead us here, we would have been here earlier." I stated with a roll of my eyes.

"If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t have seen your ‘husband’." Louie snapped at me.

I made a face at him and he flipped me off. “Real mature coming from a 27 year-old lawyer.”

"Wait. You saw Finn?" Hughie asked curiously.

I looked up at my second-oldest brother and nodded. “We’re hanging out tomorrow. Where’s Dewie?”

Hughie inclined his head towards the building, “He’s installing your gadgets to your TV.”

"Thank God we have Dewie." I mumbled as I brushed past Hughie and entered the building.

"Yeah. It’s like we have a slave."

I laughed loudly at that, doubling over as I clutched my stomach. It’s been a running joke between Hughie and I that Dewie was more of our slave than our brother since he always just… you know… DID stuff. He actually did his chores, and he was so kind that he did most of our chores for us when we were younger and still lived with our parents. If he was a girl, he’d make a good housewife— he cleans, he cooks, he knows how to sew, and he also knows how to knit… believe it or not. Dewie was every girl’s fantasy guy. He’d have a girlfriend now if only his past girlfriends weren’t such pussies. They couldn’t even let loose and have fun. Then again, my kind of fun was rolling around in the mud, riding horses, quad bikes, going hiking, and just being somewhat of a ‘girly tomboy’. Oh, and. Dewie’s 21. His name is Andrew Lucas Grey and he’s in his second year of university at Cambridge for a law degree.

And then there’s Hughie. His full name is Henry James Grey and he’s 23, in his final year of university as a history major at Oxford. Also, he’s a manwhore. He went out with two of my best friends… well, he went out with one of them and he’s still dating the other one. Such a whore.

Let’s move on to the oldest, but not the wisest, of the bunch: Louie. His complete name is Louie Simon Grey and he’s 27 and a lawyer. He works at our dad’s law firm and he’s too much of a workaholic to find time for a girlfriend; that’s why he’s such an arse. He hasn’t got laid in over… well, in forever… I think.

Now for my parents… their names are Meredith and Claude Grey. My mum’s a retired school teacher while my dad’s also a lawyer and is the CEO of his law firm that is based in Central London. It’s no secret that we have money, but despite the affluence, the nice cars, and the seemingly bottomless budget, my brothers and I grew up knowing the value of money and hard work. We got the things we wanted, as long as we got good grades in school; the things we wanted served as our rewards and receiving them like that made things sweeter because we knew that we earned them. My family and I were very close and I loved it like that; things at home were peachy-keen.

Let’s see… what more can I tell you? Oh yeah… we used to live here in London when we were younger— that’s why Jack and Finn Harries are my best friends. We were neighbors and my dad was (and still is) friends with their dad, and that spurred the connection between the three of us. Their home was as much my own as my home was practically theirs as well, but things stopped when I was forced to move to Sheffield with my family because mum got a job there, and dad didn’t have the heart to make my mum give up teaching which was something very special to her. I was 10 back then and the internet was only just beginning, so the twins and I managed to stay in contact through phone calls, then we’d evolved to cellphones, then MSN, and so on. 

So, we’d never really ‘lost touch’ over the past few years, we were just busy to actually communicate which is why we haven’t talked in so long. Now I’m just rambling, aren’t I? It’s a really bad habit of mine. I tend to get carried away when I start talking. Dewie said that it was adorable, but Hughie and Louie think that it’s annoying and they’d never hidden their intention of taping my mouth shut when I started yapping.

"I don’t understand why you need a DVD player when you already have a computer in your room. Not just any computer, though… a Mac, Rose. A Mac." Hughie’s rant brought me out of my reverie, making me quirk an eyebrow at him as he held the door open for me. He may be a manwhore, but he’s still a gentleman.

"It’s so I can watch porn in the living room." I answered flatly.

He looked bewildered, “Are you serious? Louie,” my brother pointed at me, “did you hear what she said?”

Louie closed the door behind him and rolled his eyes. “Sometimes I wonder if mum dropped you when you were a baby or if what you have is hereditary.”

I bit my bottom lip to keep myself from laughing, but miserably failed, resulting loud, raucous laughter to bounce off the walls and echo around the house. “If it’s hereditary, we’re all doomed. How are you holding up there, Dewie?”

Dewie looked up from what he was doing with a huge grin on his face, “You just need to recalibrate your Kinect when you play.”

"Thanks, Dewie," I smiled sweetly at my older brother, "Do you guys want anything? I stocked up on food last week when we moved my other things in."




I smiled and shook my head as I moved to the kitchen. “Beer it is.”

Once there, I grabbed 4 bottles of Heineken and opened them on the counter before traipsing back in to the living room and passing them out to my brothers. I sat down on the plush, L-shaped sofa and took my shoes off before putting my feet up on the glass coffee table— growing up mostly around men can do that to a girl. Let’s say that I was just a bit of a tomboy while growing up… those didn’t repress any girly urges that I had, though. I had crushes on boys, I liked to fantasize about my future husband, and I liked to kiss people… especially Finn. He just has these nice lips, you know? And he was more than willing to kiss me… as opposed to those other boys who were disgusted by the mere thought of kissing a girl. Finn wasn’t like that… with me, anyway.

Things had always been different between us. We had this bond ever since we were little, and everything was platonic between us. I know, I know… how come things haven’t gone awkward between us despite the constant kissing? It’s fairly simple, really: Finn and I are best friends. Just that and nothing more. Besides, kissing has become a habit between the two of us. Strictly platonic.


A few hours later, when my other things were all set up and my brothers had left in Louie’s car, I laid under my blanket, holding a book to my face and trying to ignore the loneliness that I felt inside. I’d never lived alone before, and I’d never been in an empty house all to myself; not even once, and being here just felt new to me. The feeling of being alone was a foreign to me, and so I laid there… reading.

I almost screamed bloody murder when my phone played the default tri-tone alert tone for a message. Silently, I lowered the book and reached a hand out to get my iPhone from the side table. It’s a white, 32 GB 4S that Dewie got me for my birthday on February  last year. Hughie got me a pair of new shoes, and Louie got me a make-up kit. I might be boyish, but I’m still a girl.

So yeah, I got my phone from the bedside table and unlocked the screen before reading the message that someone known as Fortunately, it was an iMessage, so another text didn’t add up to my bill.

'Meet me tomorrow?'

I smiled and typed back my reply, 'Where? When? How? Why? :)'

'Hyde Park. 8 AM. From your flat, go to the nearest tube station (either Holborn or Covent Garden), take the Piccadilly line and get off at Hyde Park Corner station. I'll meet you there. Because I miss you and we need to play footy and we can eat brunch afterwards. Bring extra clothes. ;)'

Footy." I snorted before typing up another reply. ‘Awesome. I miss you, too. I’ll see you tomorrow. I love you, Finny. :) ❤’

'I can't wait. Good night, Rosie. Love you, too. ❤'

With that, I stifled a laugh and tucked my phone under my pillow before tossing the book on my bedside table and snuggling further into my pillow, loving the feel of the cool material against my skin. Before I knew it, I was fast asleep.

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