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A/N: I couldn’t resist. This will be the only chapter until next week though. :))

If you’re a new reader, hello and welcome to another one of my fanfics. I update when I can (which is roughly around 4 times a week unless I have to go out and play a part in society. Ugh.)

If you’re one of my old readers, ohai guise! Well, here it is. I hope it doesn’t disappoint. :D Things will get better soon. This is just the beginning. ;) I’m having fun on my break. I’ve breezed through quite a couple of books, but I have yet to read The Fault In Our Stars. I’ll read it after I’m done reading what I’m reading now. :))

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Rose’s Outfit


That’s how I felt right now. I was absolutely, and utterly lost. I knew that I had the right to feel the way that I did, and I had the right to kick and scream, and I did just that— just toned it down a notch, though.

"We’re lost, Louie. We’re lost. We’re never going to get there. We’ll starve to death. Just pull over and ask for directions." I wholeheartedly whined as I hit my older brother’s arm repetitively.

He narrowed his eyes at me and tried to shake my hand off, to no avail. “Have you forgotten that I do have money, and I’m more than capable of driving us to your new flat? I can sue you for physical abuse, you know. I AM a lawyer.”

"Yeah. A lawyer with a shitty sense of direction. Can we sue your shitty sense of direction? We’re lost, and we’ll never get back to civilisation."

"We’re in the middle of the city." He answered smugly with an irritating smirk on his face. I wanted to smack him, but was only holding myself back  from doing so to prevent him from getting cross with me.

Hello there. My name’s Rosaline. Rosaline Jane Grey. You can call me Rose, though. Rosaline is an old lady’s name. I abhor the blasted name. It’s too girly. I’m 19 years-old. Youngest of 4 children. Incoming art student at University College London. That’s all you need to know about me for now since my stomach is really angry at me right now for not feeding it earlier and I can’t really focus on further introductions.

"We’re lost, I’m hungry, and you’re being an arse, Louie." I complained, and was about to complain further when my phone alerted me that I had a new message.

I picked it up from the center console and scowled at the screen as if it offended me. In truth, I was just miffed that my stubborn brother wouldn’t pull over and ask for directions. I knew that I should have ridden with Dewie. He was much nicer to me and he had a really great sense of direction. I bet I’d be feasting on a burger right now if I was  either with him or Hughie.

"This is why I don’t want you to move out. Your sense of direction is practically nonexistent. What if you get lost in the middle of the city and never get home?"

I cringed at the vision of me wandering aimlessly, and I shook it off. “I’ll ask for directions. I’ll get used to this place, Louie. We used to live here, for God’s sake.”

"That was 8 years ago, and you were very young back then."

I huffed indignantly and pouted in my seat. Louie always did this— treated me like a baby when I was already an adult. “Hughie and Dewie are wondering where we are. They’re already at the flat. Louie, I’m hungry.”

My brother sighed irritably and shot me a look of disdain before signaling a left turn and parking the car. I looked back at him and raised my eyebrows, hoping that he would either let me eat lunch or ask for directions. I secretly hoped for the former. Food is my one weakness, sue me.

"Call Henry and Andrew. Tell them that we’re going to have lunch now to make you shut up." He sighed again and got out of the car, slamming the door behind him and standing on the pavement.

I mimicked him and called our brothers. Hughie picked up on the fourth ring. “Could you have picked it up sooner? I think I just grew a root.”

He laughed and I managed to smile despite the hunger that was gnawing at my stomach. “We’re lost, and Louie is being an arse, and I’m hungry. He’s about to feed me now, though.”

"Sometimes I wonder if you really are 18. You’re so whiny." He stated with a chuckle, not meaning to offend me in any way. I was so used to it, though. I’ve had to endure it for 19 years now.

"And you’re suck a dick. No wonder I love Dewie the most." I answered with a roll of my eyes as I got out of the car and walked towards my eldest brother; Louie the arse.

"Baby, don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me no more." Hughie sang into the phone, making me laugh despite the somewhat foul mood that Louie put me in.

Having 3 older brothers was everything that it was cut out to be. Well, my brothers were awesome, so I guess it just depends on what kind of brothers you have. Mine are very protective, but we all love each other even though our banter could sometimes escalate into some serious things— often with me hitting one of them in rapid succession.

"Rosaline." Louie called as he strode over towards a decently-full restaurant.

I glared at him before looking up and spotting the sign board. “Nando’s? You’re a lawyer, Louie. Can’t you at least treat me to lunch at some fancy restaurant?”

"Beggars can’t be choosers, Rosaline." He answered with a laugh.

"Call me that one more time and let’s see if you ever have kids."

"Okay, okay. Just get in so we can eat." Louie pressed before opening the door for me and entering the establishment after me. 

A lady greeted us with a perky smile on her face. “Good afternoon,”

I didn’t really pay attention to what she was saying, just the fact that she was eyeing Louie like he was a piece of meat. Well, Louie is a piece of meat— we all are— but her gaze suggested that she wanted to do very unholy things to him, which caused me to giggle. Louie quirked an eyebrow at me then grabbed hold of my hand before dragging me over to an empty table located at the far right side of the restaurant.

I sat down on one of the chairs and didn’t even pick up the menu since my brother knew what I liked to eat at Nando’s.

"The usual?" He asked for confirmation.

I nodded, and he got up from his seat before walking to the till to order our food. I then fished my phone from my pocket and groaned quietly when I didn’t find any new messages. I was half-expecting at least two messages from either my friends or Chace.

My eyes flitted from my phone to my surroundings. If this Nando’s wasn’t far from my flat, I think I can be a frequent customer here. The place was buzzing with people, but not really overflowing. It was just busy and— the back of that head looks familiar.

I squinted to see better and leaned forward on my table to get a closer look at the person. “Harries!”

The figure turned around with a confused look before spotting me. I squinted even harder and was able to make out that very familiar grin that had me darting out of my chair and tackling the person in a hug in a heartbeat.


He chuckled and wrapped his arms around my middle. “Rose! Is it really you?”

I pulled away from him and cupped his cheeks before pressing a kiss to his lips as has been habit between the two of us. “What do you think? Oh God. You look like you’ve gotten a head transplant. It’s been so long since we last saw each other…”

"Yeah. 3 years. Why didn’t you tell me that you’d be in town? We could have gone out or hung out at home." He pulled me into his lap and kissed my cheek; entirely platonic, though.

"It skipped my mind. Besides, I planned on getting in touch with you after I moved in to my flat—"

He was about to reply, but he was cut off by someone clearing their throat. We simultaneously turned to the group of people and I grinned widely as I waved at Jack, Finn’s twin and my other childhood best friend. He waved back at me and I could see that he was tempted to make the guy at Finn’s side move so we could talk, but he stayed in his seat.

"Care to introduce us?" A guy with medium brown hair and blue eyes piped up after he grabbed a chip from his plate and munched on it.

I looked at the 3 occupants of the table, sans Jack and Finn, and smiled. “Hello. My name’s Rose. I’m Finn’s wife.”

All eyes widened and all three mouths dropped open in shock.

"Wife?" A tattooed guy with black hair asked incredulously, his eyes darting between me and Finn with such an intense, curious look that made it seem that he was severely baffled and borderline disgusted that Finn was ‘married’ to me.

Finn nodded. “I’m her husband, believe it or not.”

"Why weren’t we invited?" A guy that had his hair styled into dreadlocks asked aloud.

Finn shrugged and pressed another kiss to my lips. “We were married so many years ago. That was 1998, if I remember correctly…”

"Yeah. It was 1998. I remember how Rose begged me to officiate the wedding when I wanted to be the one that married her, then she punched me in the gut." Jack muttered the last sentence begrudgingly.

I giggled and nodded at him. “The boys and I go way back. If you want to blackmail them with embarrassing pictures, just give me a call and I’ll gladly fork over some nappy day pictures of these two.”

"I like her." The one with the medium brown hair piped up, and the other two nodded in agreement.

"Thank you. I like me, too."

"You might have turned girly, but you still have the arrogance of a boy." Finn commented with a laugh and poked my side, making me squirm and shove him with my left hand.

"You’re still a dick… even after all these years. I missed you." I mumbled and hugged him tightly.

"How about me? Don’t I get any love?" Jack pouted.

I turned to him and leaned over the table with puckered lips. He leaned forward and I smacked my lips against his cheek. With Finn I was very comfortable with kissing, since he was my first kiss, but with Jack… there were just some overly friendly boundaries that we didn’t want to cross.

"We should hang out tomorrow. Where do you live now?" Finn asked curiously.

I smiled. “Somewhere in Covent Garden. I’ll text you my address when I get there.”

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