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A/N: I… I’m crying right now. I can’t take an emotional blow this intense. One more chapter before the epilogue and that’s it for FF. Excuse me while I curl up under my sheets and cry myself to sleep. :’(


Wedding plans. Wedding details. Guest lists. Flower arrangements. I would either go crazy or just drop dead at the rate that I’m going. To top it all off, my professors weren’t even cutting me some slack. Who knew that being in your third year of university would be so busy and would require so much time? I couldn’t even plan my wedding without having this nagging voice in my mind saying that I needed to do my homework and study for an exam or something.

Yes, it’s been a year and a half since Jack got down on one knee and we became officially engaged. He was still doing his YouTube thing with Finn, and it made him really happy. It also helped us save money for the wedding. We had a tentative date set: December 8. I wanted to get married in December solely for the snow, but Jack wanted to get married some time during spring so that the weather would “actually be nice”— Jack’s words, not mine. He visited me very often here at uni, and he’d had more run-ins with Emily and his other fans than I would have liked. Emily kept her feelings to herself, though, since she knew that Jack and I were about to get married.

When we’d told everyone the news, only few of his fans handled it well. I was forced to delete my Instagram account because of all the hate that had been sent my way. Most of them were bitter, while the others were very supportive. I understood where their hatred came from, though. I’d be angry too if I found out that my idol was getting married at the tender age of 21 to his girlfriend/fiancée of 2 years. All of them initially thought that Jack had knocked me up and they had kept a close eye on me through Emily and the other girls that went to Bristol, but they were all proven wrong since my stomach stayed the same size. Safe to say that I was so smug that day that Jack had called me and told me that his fans were tweeting him apologies to pass on to me.

Let’s see… hmmm… Elizabeth and Callum had already graduated and Liz had moved to Italy while Callum went to New York for a little vacation before applying for a job. Christian and Lindsey were still going strong and I think that Christian’s about to pop the big question to her some time next year. He should ask her sooner, though. He deserves to have guaranteed happiness. Oh, and he’d taken Andrei to live with him in Luxembourg. Of course, Andrei still had his nannies to take care of him, but he was now smothered with brotherly love instead of no love at all from our parents.

My parents. What can I say? Some things never change. Saint Tropez was a ‘once in a blue moon’ effort to salvage what was left of their ‘marriage’. Another futile attempt if you ask me. They couldn’t save what was left of their relationship even if they started to cry tears of blood. It served as a lesson to Jack and I, though; we already had the perfect examples of what not to be when we get married and have children of our own.

I closed the little notebook in front of me and sighed as I let my brain relax after being under constant strain with decision-making. I still had two papers to write up, but opted to focus on my wedding instead of my education. After all, a girl only gets one chance at a perfect wedding with the love of her life; unless they get married again to renew their vows. That’s beside the point, though. This wedding is important to me, and I want it to be a very memorable one— something that all the girls will envy me even more for. I already had the most wonderful husband-to-be in the universe, now I just had to have the perfect wedding.

Another sigh escaped my lips as I looked up at the wall of Instagram photos that Jack had reassembled when we moved in to our flat here in Bristol. He was back at university, and we just decided to move in together to get the feel of living together on our own— a training of sorts. He had to go to London at least once every two months for meetings at YouTube HQ, though. That didn’t include the weekends he spent filming with Finn, and the occasional trip he took with his dad to the sets of movies and whatnot. He was always stressed out when he got home, but I made sure to take good care of him… in both senses.

“Baby, I’m home.” Jack called from the foyer as I heard the soft clicking sound of the door closing. “Mrs. Harries?”

A wide grin plastered itself on my face at the sound of my future alias. “I’m in the bedroom!”

I heard hid heavy footsteps through the open door and smiled up at him when he emerged in the doorway, looking a bit frazzled but still as handsome as ever. He returned my smile and moved to sit down beside me before kissing my temple. “You planning again?”

“It’s inevitable.” I answered with a small smile as I snuggled into his side and wrapped my arms around his middle.

Jack sighed quietly and ran a hand through my hair. “You need to relax. I don’t want you getting so stressed about this while balancing university work and cleaning the house,” he paused and gave me a look that could have rivaled Puss In Boots’ from Shrek. “Let me hire someone to help you plan the wedding… or maybe a maid to take care of the housework while you study and plan the wedding.”

“Jack,” I whispered in a resigned manner. “We can’t afford a maid now. Well, we can, but I’m not going to be able to practice how to be a good wife and a mum if we have someone to look after us. I promise, when I get pregnant, you can hire as many maids as you want.”

“Really?” He sounded like a kid on Christmas morning.

I smiled and nodded. “Yeah. How was your day? Did Professor Ward give you a difficult time again?”

“That man is out to get me.” He answered with a groan before burying his nose into the crook of my neck and kissing the skin just beneath his lips.

I reached a hand out and laced our fingers together before turning my head to the side and dropping a kiss on the top of his head. “He’d take it easier on you if you actually paid attention to his lectures, Jackson. He teaches a major subject, baby. It’d look bad on your credentials if he writes you a bad grade.”

He sighed and kissed my neck again. Jack really didn’t want to go back to university, but he figured that to get a well-paying job, he’d need to have a degree. I told him that a degree didn’t define someone’s capability to have a well-paying job, but he just gave me a stoic look before shaking his head and telling me that he was going to continue with university.

“Just two more years before you graduate.” I whispered encouragingly to my soon-to-be husband.

“You only have one more year left. I shouldn’t have quit university. We could be graduating together. I was so stupid.”

“Jack,” I chastised angrily. He was putting himself down just because he stopped to do something that he loved, and that didn’t sit well with me. Not one bit. “I should slap you for that… but you’re tired and I’m guessing that you had a horrible day. What happened?”

“I’m just… scared, really. The wedding’s in a month and I’m scared that you would regret marrying—”

I cut him off with a rough shove away from me before bringing my right hand up and slapping him then hugging him tightly. “Don’t ever speak like that to me again. I’m scared as well, but I would never ever regret choosing to marry you. I love you so much, Jack, and I would make the most stupid decision of my life if I walked away now when everything’s going perfectly for us. It’s just your pre-wedding jitters talking.”

“I’m sorry. I’m just… stressed, and scared, and it’s just pre-wedding jitters. I’m sorry.”

I fisted my left hand in his hair and used my right hand on the nape of his neck to pull him closer to me. “I love you, okay? Don’t ever doubt that. You’re the best thing to ever happen to me, Jack. You saved me.”

Jack didn’t verbally answer me, he just pulled back and cupped my cheeks in his hands before brushing his lips lightly against mine. His right hand strayed down south and disappeared under my shirt where it rested flat against my stomach before moving up to cup one of my breasts through the lace material of my bra.

I moaned breathlessly when he squeezed and moved the flimsy material to one side before tweaking the budding nipple between his thumb and index finger. He chuckled and removed the notebook and pen from the bed before laying my head against the array of pillows that littered the head of our queen-sized bed. “Please, Jack…”

“Please what?”

“I need you.” I whispered, and Jack whipped my shirt over my head before attaching his mouth to my exposed breast.

He chuckled against the sensitized skin and unhooked my bra with practiced ease before turning his attention to my other breast. My back arched off the bed and he set a hand on my stomach to gently coax me down before trailing kisses down to the waistband of my shorts.

“You’re being a tease, Jack,” I groaned as I gripped the comforter tightly in my hands, needing him badly. He chuckled against the top of my panties and pulled the waistband, making it snap against my skin which caused me to glare at him. “I’m going to kill you if you— ohhhh.”

I couldn’t even finish my sentence since Jack pushed the crotch of my thong aside and latched his mouth on to my most private area. My hands immediately fisted themselves in his hair, tugging at his previously neat locks to keep myself attached to him. Jack smiled against me and then I heard the familiar sound of a zipper sliding down before he wriggled between my legs and kicked his denim pants to the floor.

“What do you want, baby?” He asked huskily when he detached himself from my very sensitive area, making me mewl at the loss of contact.

“You, Jack. I want you in me. Please,” I didn’t like to beg, but that was outside the bedroom. When it came to these things, my pride was the least of my worries. “Please.”

He chuckled against my skin and trailed kisses up my torso before claiming my lips in a searing kiss. Jack pulled back and supported his weight by his elbows which were on either side of my head, effectively trapping me underneath him and his heart-melting gaze. I loved him so much.

“Beautiful.” He whispered softly, his eyes not straying from my own as he plunged himself in me, making me bite my bottom lip and cling tightly to his back as I maintained eye contact. The eye contact alone was very intense, the love making just turned the heat up tenfold.

Time ticked by— I didn’t even know how long we were there, just that I knew that I loved every second of it and that Jack’s back was very close to bleeding judging by the times that I’d dragged my nails down his back as I came close. Jack pressed a kiss to my lips before pushing in one more time and shuddering with his release. That did it for me. A loud moan escaped my lips as an involuntary shiver ran down my spine along with my orgasm.

“I love you.” Jack whispered softly as he laid his head down on my chest, right above my heart, to rest his sated body.

I smiled and pressed a kiss to his sweat-matted hair before running my fingers through the damp locks. “I love you.”


“You have got to be kidding me. I’m late for work as it is, baby.” Jack groaned as he entered the kitchen.

I threw a curious glance at him over my shoulder and he just groaned even more before throwing an arm over his eyes as he sat down on one of the high chairs at the island counter.

“What’s your problem?”

“You. You can’t just wear my shirt and cook when I’m already late for work. It’s taking everything in me right now not to bend you over the table and fuck you senseless.” He complained.

I blushed as a small smile made its way to my face. “Then call in sick. I’m sure that your Apple nerds won’t mind.”

“They’re Apple Geniuses, baby,” He answered with a short chuckle, making me giggle as I flipped the crepe over. “And I can’t. The reason why I took this job is because we need to save up for the wedding.”

I placed the crepe on a plate and turned the stove off before prepping my Jack’s breakfast, “I told you that I could get a job as well to double our income—”

He cut me off with a blatant wave of his hand. “That’s not necessary. We have the income from YouTube and the one from my job. No need for you to get a job. You’re under enough stress as it is, babe.”

I shrugged and topped his crepe with whipped cream before setting it down in front of him and leaning forward on the table. “I just want to help you, Jack. I don’t want a big wedding; just a few people— 75 max.”

“But what about our parents’ business partners?”

I sighed and reached a hand out to cup his left cheek. ”You have a point there, but can’t you cut your work time to 3 days a week or maybe just stay home for Sunday? I get very lonely here, and I don’t want you always getting home with a frown on your face.”

Jack placed his hand atop mine and nuzzled his cheek into my palm, earning a smile from me. “I’ll see what I can do.”

“Thank you,” I whispered appreciatively. “I’ll send out the invitations today, by the way.”

“Does the postage fee fit in our budget? We can always send e-invites.” I knew that he was joking with the e-invites, but I couldn’t help but glare at him.

“I’ve budgeted everything carefully. We’re good until you get your next pay checks and I get my allowance.” I answered with a small smile, trying to reassure him that nothing was wrong with our budget. Well, nothing was really wrong, it’s just very stressful to balance everything— the bills, the food budget, and both mine and Jack’s pocket money for uni.

Jack got up from his seat and walked towards me, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me flush against his chest. “I can’t believe that we’ve gotten this far.”

I hugged him back and pressed a kiss to his clothed chest. “You’re not getting rid of me anytime soon.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it.”

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