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Hi! Welcome to my fanfic blog. I mainly write fanfics about my interests (i.e., One Direction, Jack & Finn Harries, the British Monarchy, etc.)

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A/N: Hi, everyone. Err.. to make things short, I was up in the mountains for a couple of weeks. I’m sorry if I updated just now.

As soon as we pulled up infront of the house, I gaped at it in awe. It looked wonderful with a modern yet home-y feel to it—tan-coloured gates with white accents, a garden box out front with different kinds of bonsai greenery as well as trimmed shrubs shaped as cones, there were even blood red and pink roses, and there was also a terrace on the second floor. The paint job was a light peach, and the window mouldings were white along with the other fixtures. It looked like a toy house, to be honest.

Finn, as awed as I was at the house, scooped me up in his arms and walked up the incline that led up to the house. He passed the small gate and I surveyed my surroundings. The crickets were clicking away, the wind was caressing the leaves of the nearby trees, and everything seemed so peaceful and quiet—it was a place where someone had the convenience of living in the middle of numerous cities without the hassles of daily city life; it was the perfect place to get away from it all.

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Where did u go? :(
dudeandduchess dudeandduchess Said:

I was up in the mountains for a couple of weeks or so. I’m back now, though. :) I might update this evening. :)

Asker Anonymous Asks:
i love mkop so much!! i cant wait for the next chapter!! anything exciting coming up??? ;)
dudeandduchess dudeandduchess Said:

Thank you so much! There are a couple things that come to mind, but nothing set in concrete yet. Haha. Just look out for the next couple of chapters. :) xx

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Very happy that in chapter 48 that they're in the Philippines hehe :) I'm also a Filipino :))) xx
dudeandduchess dudeandduchess Said:

Awyis! Haha. Lovely to have my fellow Filipinos on here. <3 They’ll be here for longer than three chapters. I have a lot of things to write, but so little time. xx

Just to update everyone, it’s been a very busy week for me. But I’m working on the story now.

Oh, and this house is where most of everything will be set during Rose’s and the twins’ trip to the Philippines. >:)

A/N: I don’t know what to say except enjoy.

Oh, and here’s that story that I was telling you guys about. :)

“Attention all passengers, Flight KL 1702 is now boarding. Please prepare your ticket and passport for inspection—” The English translation for ever-repetitive airport announcement blared overhead as if from the heavens. I tuned it out as best as I could.

Everyone in their seats, also waiting for the same announcement, got up and started falling in line by the tunnel to get their tickets and passports checked before boarding the plane. Finn stood up as well and wheeled me over to the special lane for disabled passengers and/or pregnant women.

A ground stewardess approached us and Finn held out both our passports and tickets for her to inspect, and she deemed them worthy before stamping something on to the ticket and handing it back to Finn along with our passports, which Finn gave to me for safekeeping. I looked up at him and smiled as he wheeled us through the tunnel. “Are you excited?”

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A/N: I was working on this all throughout the past few months… well, after I got hooked on male models and fashion. Anyways, I hope everyone enjoys the first ten chapters. I would have posted the chapters individually, but figured that it would only clog up my blog, so here’s one whole post.

Feedback would be greatly appreciated. :) xx

Chapter 1

“Remember to water the raspberries, Scarlett!”

Something small sailed over my head and landed in the freshly watered cabbage patch that I was slaving over since this morning, causing me to look up from where the object sailed from, only to find my ever-annoying twin grinning down at me from where he was perched on his windowsill.

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Jen! Best of luck with this last week of uni :) and thank you for taking time out of your super busy life to update. Your writing is some of the best I have ever read, and I would wait any amount of time for it. Even though you've said MKOP will be your last fic, I hope you keep writing and keep perfecting your skills. and I hope you have a good day :) Smile! x
dudeandduchess dudeandduchess Said:

Awww. Hello, love! :D Uni just ended a couple of days ago… well, it officially ended today since I just passed my theses papers to my professors. Thank you so, so much for thinking that, and for being willing to wait any amount of time for an update. I promise you that I’ll keep on writing even after this. I’m going to share one of the current original stories that I’m working on, and I hope that you guys enjoy reading them—if you have the time to read them—after MKOP. A lot of people, mainly my friends, have told me they like it and that it’s one of my best works yet, but I need a broader audience to comment on it before I believe what they say. I had a really good day today. I hope you have an awesome day as well. —Jen :) xx

P.S. If you, or anyone, is willing to read an advanced copy of my original story, don’t hesitate to message me. It’s already 11 chapters long (50 or so pages on MS Word), and it’s a really fun thing to write because it’s about male models, and unrequited love, and is set in New York City. Idk what else to say. So please, if you’re interested to read it… my ask box is always open. :) xx

A/N: Not how I wanted to start things, but this is mainly a filler chapter. I apologise for that, but the good stuff will happen in the next chapter—when they’ll be in the Philippines. I have a lot of things planned for the chapters that will be situated here. :)
Oh, and hurray for my month-long break before my internship. Thank you for all the well-wishes. :D xx

"You look pale."

I looked up from my untouched breakfast on my lap to Finn who gingerly closed the main door behind him. Smiling idly, I answered, “It’s nice to see you, too.”

"I didn’t mean it like that," He countered, taking a seat in front of me and swiping a strip of bacon from my plate before taking a bite out of it. "Is something wrong?"

"My leg feels numb is all."

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Jen, thank you for taking time out of your busy life to write that update! I love this story, I'm so excited to see it through until the end. Thank you for being so generous with your time! I look forward to your next update, but I'm not impatient for it. Just whenever you get to it I'll be here :)
dudeandduchess dudeandduchess Said:

I am literally crying right now. I should be the one thanking you guys for being so patient and understanding with me. I know that I have practically neglected the story for the past year and I am so sorry for that, but after my third year in uni ends (this March), I promise that I will make it up to all of you. I swear it on the River Styx. Thank you so, so much. Words can never describe just how thankful I am for you and people like you. :’) xx