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Hi! Welcome to my fanfic blog. I mainly write fanfics about my interests (i.e., One Direction, Jack & Finn Harries, the British Monarchy, etc.)

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Wait, as in Tagaytay, Philippines? That's so awesome. May I ask what your nationality is?
dudeandduchess dudeandduchess Said:

Yep. The one and only. Thank you; it really is, especially for someone like me who’s a homebody—to be away from home and to live with my college besties… :D I’m a Filipino.

that's so cool! you're in batangas? that's where my mom's from :)
dudeandduchess dudeandduchess Said:

Thank you! Well, I’m in Tagaytay, and I rented a flat with a couple of friends, but we live right by Picnic Grove.

If anyone’s ever in Tagaytay, just message me. We can hang out if I’m free. :D

Just to update everyone that I’m still alive.

I have been very busy with a 7-day work week. No kidding. 7 days, and all I do is clean hotel rooms. I’ve attached a picture of my workplace, the view from my floor at night, and the view from one of the rooms to prove that I’m not just making this internship thing up. I really am working, and am so sorry because I’ve been neglecting my writing. I apologise. xx

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Wow. MKOP just gets better and better as I read it. When will the next chapter be out?
dudeandduchess dudeandduchess Said:

Thank you so much! About the updates… I’m not sure when I can post an update since I’m in the middle of moving to a flat right now as well as completing my internship (Please, to those of you who stay in hotels, if possible, don’t rearrange the furniture o push the beds together. If you want a big bed, get a room that has a big bed.) so it’s a bit hectic for me right now, but I’ll be sure to update when I can. xx

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HI THERE! I really need your help. I'm from Serbia and my country is experiencing horrible rain storms and floods that are taking lives and destroing homes everywhere. Please help me draw attention to this matter because every form of help is much needed. Thank you <3
dudeandduchess dudeandduchess Said:

Oh no! Guys, we need prayers. :( I hope you, your family, and your friends are alright, love. My prayers are with all of you. I wish I could do more. :( xx

A/N: As most of you probably already know, I was “out of commission” for a couple of days because I was in the hospital. Anyway, no other explanation other than I was sick. Welp. Enjoy. :) xx

"Finn!" I gasped, untangling my hand from his hair, running it down to his chest, and giving him a light push that sent him scrambling off of me.

"Did I hurt you?" He asked, a little frantic as he tugged a hand through his disheveled hair.

I shook my head. “I’m fine. I just…” Unbidden, my gaze wandered down to the imposing tent in his shorts. “I’m giving you blue balls aren’t I?”

"Like you couldn’t imagine," he mumbled. "But I understand. You’re still not up for anything physical in case the stitches give."

"I want this; I want you, don’t get me wrong about that." Guiltily, I looked down at my lap and fiddled my fingers for something to do.

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I am so sorry for the long absence. I have been sick and in and out of hospital as of late, but there’s no need to elaborate on that. I’m back now and, hopefully, I can finish the next chapter by tomorrow. xx

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Will mkop be 80 chapters as well? :)
dudeandduchess dudeandduchess Said:

Hi there! I got this ask a couple of days ago (according to the email notif) and I am so sorry that I just replied. I’ve been sick as of late and in and out of the hospital.

Yes. MKOP will have 80 chapters. Maybe 5 more or 5 less. It depends on where I decide to cut scenes. :) xx

Asker Anonymous Asks:
could you list all the accents that you can fake???
dudeandduchess dudeandduchess Said:

Hi! I got this ask a couple of days ago (according to the email notif) and I am so sorry that I just replied. I’ve been sick as of late and in and out of the hospital.

The list of accents I can fake so far are: American, Valley Girl, Standard British, Italian, Indian, a little of Irish, and Filipino of course (I normally speak with an American accent). :) xx

Asker Anonymous Asks:
i absolutly adore your stories, i've read royally captivated and am currently reading finally falling for the second time! i am completely hooked and i really cant get enough of it. i would just like to ask (more like beg); im not sure about what you are planning on writing after mkop, which i'm so impatiently dying to read once it's finished as waiting for the updates would probably drive me crazy as i read finally falling in just 2 days. anyway, can you write another jack harries fanfic? xxx
dudeandduchess dudeandduchess Said:

Hello, Tisha! I just read both of your asks. Sad to say, I’m not going to be writing any more fanfics after mkop. Fanfics have been a huge part of my writing endeavour, but I think that it’s now time for something different, i.e. original stories. I’m glad that I inspire you, and that is very humbling. It’s because of people like you that I got this far. I would’ve thrown in the towel years ago if this one person didn’t tell me that my story was worth reading. Thank you so, so much, but MKOP is the last in my fanfiction venture. :) xx

Also, I am so sorry that I just replied to this just now. I’ve been really ill as of late, so in and out of the hospital for me.